Friday, 24 March 2017

My best friend wedding.

Assalamulaikum dairies..

It has been so long I did not write anything here. Last week, my best friend was getting married. Of course I am so happy for him. Yes, him. He is a very nice guy, very close yet we are far apart. Person that I can trust and communicate almost everything with. We are from the same boarding school in Negeri Sembilan. Unfortunately, during those school day, we barely communicate. He seem to be the shy shy guy with 'muka pecah' and bold head. haha As we further to matriculation, even we are not at the same place, I don't really remember how we can contact again and be so close. haha Year by year, we share same memories, problem, journey. Last year, I get married to my husband, and he say that he try to search partner. haha I am happy for him after so much dramatic relationship. Alhamdulillah, he married! I know, our friendship may not be the same as before, but I will always pray for your happiness just the same way I love to do before :)

Happy married busu kai!

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