Wednesday, 18 January 2017

the unsung hero


I love reading books specially novel. unfortunately, lately i have limited time and did not enjoy reading. may be because too much reading journal paper and articles make me sick of reading. Since I currently move to Ipoh, so to make me comfortable with this place, I started back my reading habit.

The unsung hero - Wira yang tidak didendang by Melur Jelita.

I just finished reading this awesome novel! I love novel writen by Melur Jelita. She wrote well make me feel the flow of her story. I had read all of her novels. 

here the link of her FB :

her first novel - I love you stupid.

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I love this novel so much!!

Image result for melur jelita

her fouth novel - the unsung hero

next the choosen one

latest novel mikayla! Cant wait to searching and buy this one!

Is there anyone that also love to read her manuscript too?? 😊😊😊😊😊
till than. Salammm

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